​​Camp Tyler Outdoor School (CTOS)

When you speak with any CTOS Alumni's, fun is what they remember.  Fun while feeding chicken, grooming horses, finding insect's, hiking while locating GPS coordinates, taking water temperature,  collecting tadpoles and any number of other activities.  The marvelous part about it, they are having fun,

they are learning and understanding through discovery! CTOS has been a Community Heritage since 1949 

and the lessons are priceless and ever lasting. 

   1970's Alumnus:

 "Being a part of Camp Tyler was one of the most cherished childhood memories of my education. I was always a kinesthetic learner and Camp Tyler  was a multisensory environment for children like me ... and that  was long before the term multisensory  came to be a buss word." 

CTOS Special Events


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